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Friday, June 5, 2009

The world's first carbon fibre chessboard by F1 designer Dominik Scheurer
It seems that everything is taking the carbon fibre road these days. F1 designer Dominik Scheurer’s has now made use of this lightweight material to make the world's first carbon fibre chessboard. It belong to this designers latest project called “Carbon Luxury”. The board is hand-crafted with 100% carbon combined with epoxy resin. It is then cured under pressure and high temperature kind of like an F1 car part. Later it's gilded in precious 24 carat gold and silver to add a luxurious touch. It is very exclusive with only 101 boards and every board will come with a hand signed certificate to cement its exclusivity. Each chessboard is available for $11,235. carbon_fibre_chessboard2.jpg carbon_fibre_chessboard3.jpg

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