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Friday, January 30, 2015


World Cup Gymnastics, completed in China, once again forced to recall that female beauty - terrible force. Aliya Mustafina Aliya - the constant participant of various ratings of beauty, not only in gymnastics. At the Olympics in London Mustafina, according to many publications, entered the top ten most beautiful female athletes of the Games. And yet it has four Olympic medals, one gold and many world championships medals, three of which she won in China last week. Alicia Sacramone If the opinion of the beauty of all different, then the number of awards Alicia Russian woman is inferior. On account of only one American silver Olympics, won by the command discipline in 2008, but four world title - the last dates back to the year 2011. After a career in advertising Sakramone filmed a large fitness center, and once decided on a very candid photoshoot for the magazine. Bayls Simon Simon Bayls four times and won its one remaining on the second line of the final protocol. Joyful smile of the protagonist of the world championship made ​​everyone think that gymnastics is not only heavy, but also the aesthetic sport. Anastasia Liukin Despite the name, stands for the US team. However, we can confidently say that Americans admire on winning the Russian beauty - the daughter of two wonderful gymnasts. Valeri Liukin - two-time Olympic champion, Anna Kochneva - world champion. A daughter and won at the Olympics and world championships. And still had an affair with a figure skater Evan Lysacek, incidentally, is also an Olympic champion, and often appeared on television as a presenter. Vasiliki Milousi Greek girls are known for their beauty and attractiveness. A Greek gymnasts - especially. A striking example of Vasiliki Milousi that enters the camera lens with enviable regularity. Obviously, the main reason for this - the charm of athletes, not its athletic performance. The main achievement in the career of athletes - participation in the Olympic Games, and won it only on the Mediterranean Games. Asuka Teramoto can not lose sight of the gymnasts from Asia, which not only win, but also delight the audience with his appearance.Japanese Asuka Teramoto not yet climbed on the podium at the World Championships or the Olympics, but was very close to it. However, she is only 18 years old, so wait for her appearance at the top is not just possible, and even necessary. This girl is worth hundreds of photos with a medal and flowers. Cat Dean Another great representative of eastern beauty, but American sports. As Nastia Liukin, parents Kate - not the Americans, they had come from China. Dean has not yet achieved outstanding results in the international arena - in her only asset first place in the competition among the students and the love of a large number of spectators. Kate often ranks high in lists of the most beautiful sportswomen USA.Stacey Bartlett About Stacy its new fans well know, most of the ratings beauties, as the lists of winners girl gets rare. Bartlett boasts successful performances only at the level of the national championship, but the chance to express themselves outside the United States she was not. Nevertheless, the gymnast does not despair and hopes to make themselves more to the Olympics. Christina BaskettAmerican Kristina Baskett outstanding sports results did not differ, and is unlikely to now be able to compete with younger compatriots on the equipment. The highest achievement Christina - winning competitions National Collegiate Athletic Association and the attraction of the US team. But the girl from year to year gets into all sorts of rankings of American beauties on the pages of glossy magazines.Shteyngruber Julia Julia - wonderful gymnast from Switzerland, who knows, without exaggeration, the whole country. No wonder it has become the best athlete of the year in 2013. There she has all the chances to win and a second consecutive title: beauty with her ​​left, and medals was twice as much.With the European Championships in 2014 she brought the gold in the vault and bronze in the floor exercise. Georgia Rose Brown Some men like tall girls. So George Brown from Australia - one of the highest gymnasts in the world: its height is 170 centimeters. What to do, costs profession. However, the growth - not the main advantage of Georgia. She also managed with great bars, and won the Australian dream is to go to the Olympics in Rio. http: // / ...











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