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Friday, June 5, 2009

Sign Petition to bring Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly back to the ODI squad

Sachin Dravid and Ganguly
The super 3 of Indian Cricket

BCCI has dropped Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly from the list of 30 Probables for Champions trophy,This is really unfair,they have to give a damn explanation on why they are being dropped from the team.The fans of both Jammy and Dada has decided to act and has put up an online petition to bring Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly back to the Squad.The players who made their Debut on the same game, and made a rocking partnership then.

Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid
RD and Dada

Being a Dravid fan myself i coudn't resist posting the link here,and i strongly believe that RD and Dada deserves a place in the team,I mean if Jayasurya can still play at 38 and score runs.why can't RD and Dada?,are we forgetting the fact that both these players have the highest ODI averages after Sachin with such a vast experience of playing ODI's.Give them another chance..Please!

We want them back in the team..Please!

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